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Integrate with Mixpanel

Add product analytics to centralised customer feedback and understand feature or product performance

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In today's fast-paced business landscape, having constant access to data is crucial for product teams to make confident decisions and drive business metrics.

By integrating with Mixpanel, you can gain valuable insights into customer feedback and prioritize feature development based on their importance to specific Cohorts. Let's explore how to seamlessly integrate Mixpanel with and unlock the full potential of customer insights and cohort analysis.

In this article, we will cover πŸ‘‡

Start within your Zeda workspace -

  1. Navigate to your workspace settings, and under Integrations from the left pane select Mixpanel.

  2. On the integration page, click the Copy button to copy the URL, username, and password. Store these values as they will be needed in later steps.

To sync cohorts on Mixpanel with -

1. On your Mixpanel project, click on Integrations

2. To enable the integration, scroll down to Integrations and select Custom Webhook

3. In the dropdown, click +Add Connection to open a form for setup.

  1. You can provide a name in the connector name (e.g., <> Mixpanel).

  2. In the URL, paste the URL copied from your workspace settings.

  3. In the properties to export dropdown, search for β€œemail” keyword and select the following option.

  4. Please add an email of any Admin from your workspace under the username field.

  5. In the password, paste the API token copied from your workspace settings.

  6. Once all the details are added, click Continue to create the setup.

4. After completing the previous step, a new modal will appear requesting the synchronization type for the cohort. We recommend choosing the recurring option to ensure that any users added or removed periodically are sent to

  1. Please head over to the cohorts section in your project.

  2. For your cohort, click the 3 dot menu and select the Export option.

  3. Select the custom webhook set in the previous steps, and you are set πŸŽ‰

Taking advantage of these Cohorts within Zeda

Utilizing cohorts can provide valuable insights into the feedback submitted by specific groups of contacts. This enables a better understanding of what these users are expressing and can aid in tailoring strategies to meet their needs.
πŸ‘‰ On your's Feedback Dashboard you can choose the cohorts you would like to monitor and create an explicit group for easy access to your customer voices.

πŸ‘‰ You can use the cohorts for segmenting users in the customer's module in your workspace.

Integrating Mixpanel with empowers product teams to make data-driven decisions and take initiatives that truly impact the business.

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