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πŸ“ Creating Customer Segments in Zeda
πŸ“ Creating Customer Segments in Zeda

Unlock powerful insights and target your audience with precision by creating customized segments in Zeda

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We just saw what segments can unleash πŸ‘‰ Introduction to customer segments
In this article, let's see how we can create these segments based on specific properties. Let's get started!

Where can you create segments?

Workspace settings ➑️ Customers ➑️ Segments

Creating Segments:

Let's talk about the logic behind segment creation. Here's a step-by-step breakdown:

Company Property:

Choose the property that best suits your segment creation needs.

For example: {property} (operation) {unique values of property}.

Operations can include =, β‰ , contains, does not contain, and more.You can source properties from Hubspot metadata, default, and custom fields from the Zeda Dashboard.

The cohort for User Selection:

Select a cohort from to define the company pool. This cohort can come from cohorts defined on Amplitude/Mixpanel.

For example: {cohort} (operation) {name - unique id of cohort}, using operations.

Combining company properties and cohorts using AND/OR operators will generate a comprehensive list of companies that fit your desired segment.

Defining Segments

At Company level -

When defining segments at the company level, you'll have the flexibility to include companies without customers. Just keep in mind that properties from Amplitude/Mixpanel won't be used in generating these segments. And remember, when using filters, results won't include insights derived from customers who are not associated with any company (those with generic email domains)

At Contacts level -

The insights on the dashboard will include all customers, even those with generic email domains.

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