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πŸ”Ή Introduction to Customer Segments in Zeda
πŸ”Ή Introduction to Customer Segments in Zeda

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Segments in Zeda are a powerful way to analyze your data, whether you're focusing on company-specific personas or user-specific contacts. We want to make sure you have all the tools you need to create segments effortlessly.

This helpful guide will walk you through the process, providing pre-defined segment ideas to get you started. We'll cover the rules for segment creation and introduce you to the concept of custom fields for customers.

Understanding Segments:

Segments in Zeda are like the building blocks of your data analysis. They can be applied to both companies and contacts, and they share similar characteristics.

Workspace setting ➑️ Customers ➑️ Segments

Let's break down what makes up a segment:

  1. Name: Give your segment a catchy label that reflects its purpose.

  2. Description: Write a brief summary explaining what the segment is all about.

  3. Rule: Define the conditions that determine which companies or contacts are included in the segment.

  4. Fields Involved: The specific data fields used in the segment rule.

Default Segments and Pre-defined Ideas:

To help you hit the ground running, Zeda provides default segments with dummy data. These segments come with pre-defined ideas that serve as a starting point for your exploration. They'll give you a clear idea of what segments can do and how they are constructed.

Custom fields for customers:

Here's where things get exciting! Zeda automatically creates custom fields for the data you import from Hubspot, Amplitude, or CSV files. If not, you can create your own custom fields from the custom fields tab and incorporate them for creating these segment rules.

Workspace setting ➑️ Customers ➑️ Custom fields.

πŸ’‘ These custom fields are essential for segment creation.

Available Segment Types:

We've covered you with a range of default segment types that can be applied to companies and contacts. Check out these friendly faces 🀩

  1. Product Usage (company and contacts)

  2. Business Impact (company)

  3. Product-Business Matrix (company and contacts)

  4. Sector (company)

  5. Size (company)

  6. Demographics (company and contacts)

Combining Segments:

You can mix and match segments using logical operators like AND and OR. This gives you the flexibility to create more complex segments that fit your specific needs.

Note: We're always working to improve Zeda's segment creation, so stay tuned for more exciting updates and additional segment types in the future!Yopmail, etc.) These contacts exist independently.

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