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Stay Customer-centric using's Customer Insights Platform

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At Zeda, managing your customers is a breeze! Whether you manually create them or import them from other platforms, We've got you covered. Our smart system automatically gathers information from various integrations, ensuring you have an accurate representation of who you're interacting with.


Creating & Managing companies -

Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for customer details because Zeda fetches the data for you!

We automatically retrieve customer data and create companies from the feedback you've received via any source, allowing you to stay on top of your customer requests. You can always make manual edits later if needed.

Inside the company's detail page -

You'll enjoy a comprehensive overview of your customers' fields, including revenue (if provided), feedback, and tied features.

Additionally, our company details page enhances collaboration within your cross-functional team. You can tag responsible teams in the notes section, fostering seamless collaboration and ensuring everyone stays on the same page.

With Zeda, managing customers and fostering effective teamwork has never been easier!


Contacts in Zeda are incredibly cool! We've made it effortless for you by automatically mapping them to their respective companies based on the domain.
For each contact, you'll have access to their email, the source of creation, and a complete history of all the feedback they've raised with you.

πŸ’‘ Note: We do not create companies for the general domains (Gmail, Outlook, Yopmail, etc.) These contacts exist independently.

πŸ’‘ In case you have got a specific query to ask, you know where to find us πŸ‘‰

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