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Teams & Mentions in Zeda
Teams & Mentions in Zeda
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This feature makes it easier to keep workspace members on the same page! With teams, you can easily gather the members of different teams into a respective group and ensure they receive timely updates.

The following steps will guide you through creating a team and adding team members to it:

  1. Go to workspace settings ➡️ Workspace and select Teams ➡️ Create a team

  2. Add a team name and an avatar for the team ➡️ Add members to the team from your existing workspace members

💡 By default, three teams will be created in every workspace (Product, Business, and Engineering). The workspace creator will be added to these teams by default.

Mentions and Notifications

Once a team is created, you can mention the team wherever mentions in comments are supported. Mentioning a team will notify all team members at once.
​Notifications will be sent to team members when they are added to a team or mentioned in a comment via

  • In-app

  • Email

And by clicking on the link, they will be navigated to the relevant page.

In case of deletion of a team -

The team members will be individually shown as being mentioned wherever the team was previously mentioned.

Utilizing the Teams feature in your workspace can improve collaboration and streamline communication with your team members.

💡 In case you have got a specific query to ask, you know where to find us 👉

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