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Feedback Dashboard
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Leverage the feedback dashboard in to collect, and analyze feedback from multiple sources, customers, and teammates and understand what your users truly need.


Feedback in is any communication you receive directly from customers or via customer-facing teams (Suppor team, Customer Success, Sales, etc.) that acts as product feedback, bug report, feature request, or even a product idea.

The feedback dashboard in is available from the left navbar

This dashboard contains all your product feedback from customers & teammates and can be used to get an understanding of what your customers want.

​Below is a sample view of what the feedback dashboard looks like -

Feedback states

The feedback in the dashboard is divided into 3 views for consumption.

  1. Backlog: The set of items that are yet to be consumed and on which no course of action has been decided.

  2. Open: The set of items that are being worked on currently or have ongoing discussions around the topic.

Resolved: The set of items on which due course of action has been taken if required.

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