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How to link feedback to features?

Convert feedback received from your teammates and customers into actionable features.

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Have you come across a request that you're excited to work on? Great news! You can easily link that request to a product or feature, seamlessly incorporating it into your roadmap, defining the specifications, and tracking its progress until shipped.

Here's how you can align feedback to a feature:

  1. Visit the Feedback dashboard and locate the request you want to focus on.

  2. You need to move a request from Backlog to Open state in order to take any action on the request.

  3. Once you have moved the request, Scroll down to the bottommost, and you can click the CTA - Align Features for a quicker path.

  4. From there, you have the option to align it with an existing feature directly from the request.

Voila! πŸŽ‰ The request will now be linked to the selected feature(s) and will appear in the features section.

By effortlessly aligning feedback to features, you'll have a clear overview of how requests relate to specific product components. This streamlined process enables effective planning, prioritization, and seamless tracking toward successful implementation.

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