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Use AI to Auto-Generate Release Notes
Use AI to Auto-Generate Release Notes

Generate release notes in a jiffy πŸš€

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The AI-powered release note generator is designed to simplify the creation of comprehensive and well-structured release notes. It allows you to select features from a list of completed features and then asks the AI to generate the release notes automatically. The resulting release note will consist of an introduction, detailed content on each selected feature, and a closing statement.

Benefits of Using AI for Auto-Generating Release Notes

  • Save time with AI-generated release notes.

  • Consistent format and tone for clear communication.

  • Streamlined and user-friendly audience selection.

  • Personalize release notes with saved audience preferences.

  • Gain insights through analytics: reach and popularity metrics.

How to Generate Release Notes Using AI

Follow these steps to generate release notes using the AI-powered tool:

  • Navigate to the Release Notes section, click "+ Create release note", and select Generate release note with AI.

  • Select Completed Features: Begin by selecting the features you want to include in the release note from a list of completed features.

  • Activate AI Generation: Once you've made your selection, instruct the AI to generate the release note based on the chosen features.

  • Review & Edit: The AI will create the release note, which you can review and edit for accuracy and clarity.

  • Organize the Content: Ensure the release note contains an introduction, detailed information on each selected feature, and a closing statement.

  • Preview Across Platforms: Before publishing, use the preview function to check how the release note will appear on different platforms, including email, mobile, public links, and customer portals.

  • Audience Selection: Click "Go to Publish" to set up the target audience for your release note. You can use the streamlined and straightforward audience selection flow to achieve this.

  • Save Audience Preferences: If you plan to send future release notes to the same audience, save the audience preferences for quick and easy selection.

  • Publish and Share: Once satisfied with the release note's content and preview, publish it to make it accessible to your users and stakeholders.

Accessing Previous Release Notes

The Release note generator maintains a timeline in the published section, allowing you to find past release notes easily. This ensures you can refer back to previous updates whenever needed.

Analytics & Insights

You can now access valuable insights about each release note, such as:

1. Reach: Know how many people were reached through email distribution.

2. Engagement: Find out how many likes and other positive feedback the release note received.

πŸ“£ Make the most of the AI-powered release note generator and ensure your software updates are always communicated effectively.

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