How to manage the Customer Portal?
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You can control how you want your users to interact with the Customer Portal. You can choose which users can get access to this Portal, what sections of the Portal will be available, to what degree your users can interact, and much more.

General Settings

Choose who will have access to the Portal

  • Public: Anyone can access the Portal

  • Private: Only users whose accounts have been given access will be able to access the Portal

📌 Learn how to set up a Private customer portal for your workspace

Customise Portal Link

  • Configure your own domain by typing in your preference

  • Remember to save your link

  • Click on 'Copy Link' to copy it to your clipboard

Custom Domain

You can customize the domain name of your customer portal as per your company domain name. You can read here to set up the custom domain.

Control Settings

Choose actions that users take on the portal.

  • Submit feedback: Users will be allowed to submit feedback on the portal.

  • Submit feedback without login: Allows the user to submit feedback with email and name.

  • Vote: Allows the users to upvote on existing feedback.

  • Comments: Allows the user to comment once they log in.

The default visibility of the submitted feedback:

You can drive the visibility of the submitted feedback by defining the visibility of the submitted feedback.

  • Public visibility allows users to see all the feedback submitted on your portal.

  • Private visibility allows them to see the feedback only they have submitted.

Share the roadmap on the customer portal.

You can choose from the list of roadmaps that have been created in the roadmap section. The selected roadmap will be visible to the customer on the portal.

Select the sections your users can view on the portal

  • Simply use the toggle to choose what sections you want to be visible on the Portal

Customizing the Portal

Make sure the Portal feels like your own with these customizations. You can edit:

  • Logo: Upload your own logo that will be visible on the Portal and Feedback Form

  • Favicon: Upload your company's favicon

  • Theme color: This will change the existing Theme color for the Portal

  • If you are done with the changes, click on 'Save' to implement them.

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