What is the In-app Widget?

Embed a widget on your web app to collect customer feedback and share release notes.

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Embedding our widget on your web app is the perfect way to collect valuable feedback from your customers and keep them updated with release notes. The best part? Your customers can provide feedback, share feature requests, and report bugs without leaving your app!

So, how does the widget help you?

  • Direct Submissions: The widget lets Customers conveniently share their feedback, feature requests, and bugs with your product team.

  • Enhanced Communication: Customers can capture screenshots, annotate them, and even record their screens while providing feedback. This makes it simple for them to demonstrate workflows, highlight issues, and suggest improvements.

  • Streamlined Collaboration: All submissions are visible to your product team within your Zeda.io workspace. They are categorized under Backlog, External Portal, and linked products, allowing your team to easily reference and plan for future product development.

  • Prioritize Features: The widget also allows users to upvote and comment on feedback raised by fellow customers, giving you a pulse on what your users want most. This helps you prioritize your feature releases accordingly, keeping your customers happy and engaged.

  • Creating the Feedback loop: The in-app widget also lets you close the loop by announcing your latest releases. Customers can easily access these updates on the Release Notes tab.

πŸ‘‰ Provided you've toggled on the view Release note from the control tab

  • Exceptional engagement: Whenever you publish a new release note, they'll receive a notification blinker on top of the widget, ensuring they never miss out on the exciting news.

πŸ‘‰ Provided you've toggled on to publish Release note on the widget from the Release notes action center

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