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Integrate with Hubspot
Integrate with Hubspot

Integration allows you to log the feedback on Zeda directly from HubSpot and also import company and contact details from HubSpot.

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πŸ“Œ At present, the integration setup can only be done by the Hubspot Admin

To set the integration:

  1. Go to the workspace setting.

  2. Select HubSpot under the integration part.

  3. Select Connect to begin the authorization for the HubSpot integration.

4. This will take you to a different page to authorize your HubSpot account.
5. Click on Connect the app to setup the integration

6. You'll be redirected to the integration page once the integration is done πŸŽ‰

How to Import Contacts and Companies from HubSpot?

  • Once the HubSpot integration is completed, you can select the company fields that must be imported from your Hubspot instance.

  • Post selection, you can click on import to import/ sync the contacts and the companies from HubSpot.

  • These imported contacts and companies will be available in the Customer section.

πŸ“Œ Please consider learning more about creating customer segments using Hubspot fields to utilize your customer data within Zeda effectively.

How do we raise feedback from HubSpot?

  • Once the Integration is completed, you'll see the Zeda widget on the right-hand side on the contact or company page.

  • You can click on add feedback, which will open the feedback form.

  • Add the title, description, and title of the feedback, and submit.

  • This will be logged in the feedback section of the Zeda dashboard.

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