Custom domain for customer portal

Set up a personalised domain name for your customer portal that your users recognise and trust.

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Manage your customer portal's domain name to make it feel just like an extension of your own product. Follow these instructions carefully to set up a custom domain name for your customer portal.

Providing a valid custom domain

  1. Head over to Settings (⌘+S) and then Customer portal from the left navigation.

  2. Under 'General', you will be able to see 'Custom domain'. Click on 'Setup custom domain'.

  3. You will be provided an input field. Fill the custom domain that you want to use for your customer portal into this field. Make sure you are making this entry correctly and the domain is valid.

  4. Click on 'Create' to validate and proceed.

Managing DNS configuration and CNAME records

  1. Once the custom domain is validated, you will be provided with two CNAME records for DNS configuration.

  2. Open the DNS provider that you use and head over to the DNS record entry section.
    Here are instructions on adding CNAME records to the commonly used DNS services:

  3. Add both the CNAME records provided on the custom domain configuration screen, into your DNS provider.

  4. Once both the records have been entered, please wait for some time.

  5. You can use the button - 'Verify & activate', to keep checking the status of the setup. It generally takes up to 30 minutes to complete this set up and for the domain to become active.

  6. After 30 minutes, your domain should be active. Click on 'Verify & activate' to finish the setup.

Copy the link of your domain and paste it in your address bar, to access the customer portal on your custom domain.

Facing any issues with setting this up? Reach out to our team and we will gladly help you through!

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