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Integrate with Azure DevOps
Integrate with Azure DevOps
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Azure DevOps integration will enable your development and product teams to collaborate effectively by converting tasks, feature requests, ideas, or bug reports into actionable items on

How our integration helps

  1. Import all project features into Features Dashboard using a single WIQL query, without losing any context.

  2. Once planning is complete, effortlessly push tickets from to Azure DevOps, providing your dev team with user needs and business value context.

  3. Maintain a clean, structured, and prioritised backlog with auto-sync to make sure your statuses are always up-to-date.

Setting up your workspace with Azure DevOps

  1. Go to Workspace Settings > Integrations > Azure DevOps.

  2. Click the Connect button

  3. You'll be directed to an intermediate page to authorize our app with your Azure DevOps workspace.

    That's it! Your workspace is now set up for seamless integration with your Azure DevOps project.

How to import tickets from Azure DevOps

To import your features from Azure DevOps,

  1. Navigate to the Features tab on

  2. Under Actions (top right corner), select Import from Azure DevOps.

  3. Choose the project and enter the query ID to import the features.

πŸ’‘ Note: Refer to the "How to Find Query ID" section to obtain the query ID.

How to Find Query ID

  1. Open your Azure DevOps project.

  2. Go to the Queries section under Boards.

  3. Locate the query ID in the URL.

How to send features to Azure DevOps

  1. Go to the Features tab in Zeda.

  2. Select the features you want to send to Azure.

  3. Click the Send to Azure DevOps button in the actions bar.

  4. Choose the project you want to send the features to and map the ticket type you want to create in Azure DevOps for each feature.

How to setup automatic sync for status updates

To set up the automatic sync process, we activate a webhook in your Azure DevOps project that notifies us whenever the status of any WorkItem is updated. In Zeda, you can configure status mapping for each project to ensure your Zeda features are updated accordingly.

  1. Go to Workspace Settings > Integrations > Azure DevOps settings screen

  2. Set up the status mapping.

πŸ’‘ After setup is complete, we'll update the status of your Zeda feature whenever a WorkItem's state changes in your project

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