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How to Publish a Release Note using
How to Publish a Release Note using
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After the Release note is ready using any of the methods, you can see the option to “Go to Publish” in the upper right corner.

You can publish your release note using six different ways depending on which method is more comfortable for you. Here are more details of the different methods to publish your release note:


You can use Slack setup to integrate your workspace with Slack and can then send the release note using Slack channels. You can basically pick a channel or channels on Slack to share the updates with your team.

Microsoft Teams

To share updates with your team using Microsoft Teams, click on setup and follow the instructions given, Once done, you can then share the release notes on any channel with your team.


If you plan on sending your release notes via email, you need to select your audience accordingly.

Once you click on “Configure”, you can then select your audience according to who you want to send your release note to. They can be either a specific segment, companies or your contacts. You can also include workspace members by clicking on the checkbox.

📌 Note: Email limit is 50 emails a day if you do not configure your own SMTP server by following the required steps. You can change the sending address by clicking on “Manage” and doing the steps required.

Customer Portal

You can share your release note using your customer portal by just enabling it before publishing the release note. You can then select all customer portals and send your release note across.


You can share your release note using your in-app widget which can be enabled while publishing your release note.


If none of the other options are something that you use for sending out your release note, you can use Zapier Integration. Just click on “Setup” and follow the steps mentioned accordingly.

You can also try sending a test email by clicking on “Send Test Email” given on the bottom. This email will only be sent to your mail id in order to check how that looks.

Once you are all set with everything, just click on “Publish,” and your release note is published to the audience you want to send it to.

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