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Integrate with Amplitude
Integrate with Amplitude

Add product analytics to centralised customer feedback and understand feature or product performance

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Constant access to data is crucial for a product team to make confident product decisions in line with our aim to empower product teams to make decisions confidently and take bets on initiatives that move the business metrics.

Amp up the ‘Customer Insights’ by using the ‘Cohort’ from Amplitude. Let’s learn how to integrate Amplitude with

💡 Prerequisites - A Paid Amplitude account with a project set up.

In this article, we will cover 👇

Initiate integration from Amplitude -

  1. Log in to your Amplitude account and navigate to the Data tab ➡️ Destination tab.

  2. Click on the Add Destination ➡️ Search for from the list of available destinations.

  3. Enter the API token provided on the settings page in the API Token field.

  4. Select the Amplitude properties that map onto the Zeda email.

  5. Click the Save button to save your integration settings.

To sync cohorts on Amplitude with -

Navigate to the Cohorts tab in Amplitude ➡️ Click on the Sync and select from the list of available destinations.

📣 Your cohorts will now be synced to the workspace.

Integrating Amplitude with lets you link user personas and behavior with cohorts. Filter and segment feedback insights from specific cohorts to prioritize product initiatives.

💡 In case you have got a specific query to ask, you know where to find us 👉

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