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SMTP Settings for using your own domain name for emails.
SMTP Settings for using your own domain name for emails.
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If you want to send the emails of release notes to the customer from your own domain, you have to configure the SMTP setting.

Setting up the domain configuration.

  1. Go to workspace settings

  2. Go to release notes under modules

  3. Select the SMTP configuration Tab

4. Click on Configure to setup

5. Add the domain name that you want send the email from.

6. Once you confirm, the token will be generated.

7. Copy and add the three tokens to your DNS provider according to the example specified, and add the TXT Record token to the TXT Record section in the DNS Provider.
8. Once the DNS setup is done, it may take between 10 minutes to 72 hours for domain verification.

9. Once your domain is verified, you will be able to add the email from which you want to send the release notes email.

10. Add the email that you need the email to be sent from and click on Save.

11. You will now be able to see the option of the custom email while publishing your release notes.


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