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Integrate with Intercom
Integrate with Intercom

Seamlessly collect feedback from your customer conversations on Intercom.

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Integrating with Intercom allows you to seamlessly collect feedback from your customer conversations on Intercom.

Setting up workspace with Intercom

  1. Navigate to Workspace Settings > Integrations > Intercom

  2. Click on "Connect” and follow the prompts to authorize to access your Intercom workspace.

Once connected, a default tag - zeda-feedback - will be created in both and Intercom.

Import Historical Data

We offer a one-time import feature that enables you to transfer any of your closed support tickets from up to the last 60 days into

  1. Go to Intercom settings. Click on the Import button.

  2. Choose the number of days, up to a maximum of 60, for which you want to import historical data.

Send Intercom conversations as feedback

  1. The ZEDA.IO app will appear in the right-hand section of the Intercom inbox.

  2. Open the desired conversation in Intercom.

  3. In the ZEDA.IO app section, click on Send to The entire conversation will be sent to as feedback.

Auto-capture insights from customer conversations

You can enable the auto-capture feature in When this feature is enabled, a feedback entry is automatically created in every time a conversation is closed in Intercom.

Go to Intercom settings, and toggle the “Enable auto-capture of insights” to On.

Create feedback by tagging an Intercom message

  1. Upon successful integration, the default tag that is created can be attached to any message within a conversation on Intercom.

  2. Go to the desired message in the Intercom conversation. Attach the tag to the conversation.

  3. When this tag is attached to a message, it automatically creates feedback for that message in

That's it! You're all set to integrate with Intercom and make the most out of your customer feedback. Happy integrating!

📌 Note: The tag can be customized as per your need. If you need to customize this tag, you must do so from within’s settings.

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