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Introduction to Features
Introduction to Features

Track your feature backlog, product execution, and priorities in a single place and collaborate with everyone to ship products

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Features dashboard in enables you to collect and track the progress, and details, helping prioritize your features in a single place and allowing you to ship features faster.

Hierarchy in

There are four essential elements in the hierarchy to know before setting up your feature backlog in


You can imagine a product in as an entity that exists as an independent offering for your end-users, something that has an independent context and a vision and is usually managed by one or more than one product manager.


A feature in is a component or a part of a product that can be defined, tracked, shipped, and monitored by a product manager and also something which can independently drive value for your end-users. By default, a feature created is marked as EPIC, which allows you to create sub-features as ISBTs (Improvement, Story, Bug, Task). You can also create independent ISBTs, but doesn't allow you to create sub-features for the same.


A sub-feature in is a broken-down version of your feature, enabling product managers to plan and define features better from an execution point of view. All your ISBTs (Improvement, Story, Bug, Task) are added as subfeatures.

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