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Integrate with your Mailbox
Integrate with your Mailbox

Capture feedback from your mails into the workspace by forwarding them to the given address

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Product teams receive a lot of feedback from internal teams and clients through email, which makes it very difficult to track its status.

Our email integration helps to get all the feedback from the email into the platform with the source as email integration.

How the integration will work:

  1. The user needs to enable the email integration for the workspace (can be done by admin, creator)

  2. Once enabled, we will display one uniquely generated email address.
    Format of the email address: {[email protected]} - since the workspace URL is unique, this will be a unique email address.

  3. Whenever an email is forwarded or directly mailed to this email address, a new feedback entry will be recorded in the workspace's feedback dashboard.

How to enable Email integration.

  1. Go to the workspace setting > Integration> Email Integration.

  2. Enable the email integration

  3. A unique email ID for the workspace will be generated.

  4. Any email sent or forwarded will be created as feedback in the workspace.

πŸ“Œ Note: If the email is added in BCC, the feedback will not be created. It has to be in "TO" for creating the feedback.

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