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Custom fields for feedback

Create customised forms to collect feedback from different stakeholders

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As a team of product managers or as individuals, you want to develop a deep understanding of your customer's problems and needs, and reduce the amount of back & forth involved. (which might be through comments or meetings w/ internal teams and customers) and continue exploring new possibilities until you find the best possible solution for them.

With Zedaโ€™s custom fields you would now be able to create customized forms to collect feedback from different stakeholders. Furthermore, you can control visibility by where all the custom fields will be visible at the time of feedback submission.

In this article, we will cover ๐Ÿ‘‡

How to create a custom field?

To create a custom field, follow the below steps -

  1. Navigate to Workspace Settings โžก๏ธ Create a custom field in Feedback โžก๏ธ Custom fields

  2. Click on create new custom field button

  3. In the pop-up, input a name for this field.

  4. Select the type of field

  5. Add the visibility and choose to mark the field mandatory if needed and save.

The custom field will be added to the selected feedback modules and you can then edit existing custom fields anytime from settings.

What are the different types of Custom fields?

custom field types

Zeda has three kinds of custom fields. A single-line text field to collect one-line details, a Number field to collect numerical data, and drop-down fields to give your customers a list of options to choose from.

Manage visibility - Multi-select field of feedback sources

A Multi-select field of feedback sources
  1. Available options under 'Manage visibility' that have feedback creation forms -

    1. Dashboard

    2. Customer Portal

    3. Widget

    4. Feedback form

    5. Slack

  2. Default fields on the feedback creation form cannot be edited or removed -

    1. Title

    2. Description

    3. Type

  3. All custom fields that have been checkmarked will be visible on the feedback creation form for that source.

  4. In case no feedback source is check-marked, the custom field will not be available on any feedback creation form. It will only be available post-feedback creation on the feedback dashboard.

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