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Jira - Sync issues in the existing JQL
Jira - Sync issues in the existing JQL
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Once the import of the Jira issues are done to Zeda through JQL(Jira Query Language), there may be issues created on ad-hoc basis or new items created directly on jira.
This issues would be not created in, to sync this issues which are created on jira directly we can sync the JQL that imported previously.
If the Jira import was done already the users will have 2 options.

  1. Fetch new issues using the same JQL - Refresh data

  2. Update the JQL - tweak the JQL and pull issues from the same project.

Steps to sync from existing JQL

  1. On the Feature dashboard, click on the import from jira option on the add feedback button.

  2. The import from Jira modal will open with all the existing JQL that was previously imported.

  3. You can edit the JQL if required or you can click on the import and sync option to import the new issues created on Jira also update the status of existing feature present.

  4. Once the sync is complete you will be notified of the status.

  5. If you want to import a new JQL you can go to the select new project option and add the JQL to import.

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