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Jira - Zeda Custom field mapping
Jira - Zeda Custom field mapping
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Lot of users utilise the custom field in Jira to define the issues better in terms of tracking and categorisation.
The custom field created in the Zeda can be directly mapped to the Jira custom field where the integration and data flow will be smooth which saves time and effort for the Product managers.
Below are the data types that we support currently for mapping.

  1. Multi-select

  2. Number

  3. Single-select

  4. Text

Mapping the custom field.

Follow the below steps to map the custom field to Jira custom fields.

  1. On the feature dashboard select the feature that you want to send to Jira.

  2. Click on the send to Jira option where the modal open for mapping.

  3. Select the project to send the feature and click on next

  4. Map the status, type and Importance.

  5. You'll have option to Map custom field.

  6. The left side will show the custom field that is present in the Jira.

  7. If the custom field is not present in Zeda, you can copy the custom field from jira.

  8. If the custom field is already present you map the custom field directly.

  9. You can click next once the mapping is done.

  10. You can send the feature to Jira and it will be created as a issue on the selected project with the custom field data.

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