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How notifications work in Zeda
How notifications work in Zeda

Notification system in Zeda

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Zeda’s Notification system ensures you stay on top of all the important activities. With notifications sent across multiple channels, you can get a sense of what happened over the week/day and be well-briefed about it. You get actionable insights from the notifications and partake in changes by navigating directly to the referred entity.

In this article we cover👇

Notification hierarchy system -

  1. As a Creator of an entity, you will receive notifications on the tracked events. (Workspace members, Customers)

  2. As an Assignee of a request/feature, you will receive a notification on the updates made on the entity. (Workspace members)

  3. As an Editor, you get a notification while editing or updating an entity. (Workspace members)

  4. As a Customer, they get notified when they're tagged to a Feedback request.

    Ps: This red dot from the above image denotes that you’ve unread notifications.

Types of notifications in Zeda -

You receive two types of notifications - via email and in-app. And furthermore, you can enable slack notifications - read more on the integrations available. Both types send notifications on important entities and updates you want to follow.

  1. Important - where you're directly involved (assigned, reply on a comment) on an entity.

  2. Updates - more like updated changes on the entity.

Functionalities of notifications -

  1. You can Archive a notification

  2. You can opt-out of notifications on other channels like Slack, and email on the entity level for each unique user in an individual workspace

  3. You can put a day-end reminder for any notifications to see as a list later

  4. You can “Mark as read” for notification where you’re the entity owner

  5. You can “reply to comments” directly from notifications (could be picked later when we have a more clear understanding of different entities it can imply)

  6. You can unfollow notifications in case you're not part of the feedback/feature anymore

  7. You can get a summary of notifications on an entity level on a full-view page

Notification Lists across different modules -

Here’s a list of events we trigger across modules.

  • ✅- Events we support

  • 🙈- Events yet to be supported

  • 🚫- Events non-relevant for that particular module

Lastly, in case you would like to opt out of marketing notifications from Zeda, you could navigate to your profile and un-select the marketing activity check box.

💡 In case you have got a specific query to ask, you know where to find us 👉

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