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Migrate your historical data from Jira
Migrate your historical data from Jira

Import all your historical data present on Jira by connecting it with

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Features dashboard in enables you to collect and track the progress, details, and priorities of all your features in a single place and also allows you to ship features faster.

The Jira <> integration enables product teams and product managers to collaborate efficiently with the engineering teams by passing on tasks, user stories or issues directly to a Jira board from a workspace.


For keeping seamless collaboration with the tech team, the workspace shall be integrated with Jira. All the features in a project in Jira can be imported to the workspace after authentication with an API key, connecting with the selected project in Jira and mapping the type, importance and status.

Running a JQL will enable you to migrate only the specific issues relevant to your product backlog.

​Feature dashboard > Add feature dropdown > Click on import features from Jira

This will populate all the features present in the project in Jira into the Zeda workspace immediately.

More features from different projects in Jira can be added to the workspace similarly one by one.

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