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Integrate with Zendesk

Send your support tickets which contain product feedback, feature requests, ideas or bugs to your product team using

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Zendesk integration will enable your support team and product team to collaborate effectively by converting support tickets with Feature requests, Feedback, or Ideas into requests on the requests portal.

Integration actions

  1. Connect your Zendesk account with your workspace

  2. Forward support tickets in Zendesk that contain product feedback, feature requests, or an idea to your workspace


To start forwarding support tickets to your workspace, please follow the below steps -

Connect your workspace and your Zendesk account

Navigate to Workspace Icon > Settings > Integrations > Zendesk

Click on the Connect button next to the Zendesk card on this page to start setting up the details -

  • Zendesk URL - This is the URL of your zendesk account

  • Email - Please use the email_id which has admin access to your Zendesk account

  • API Token - You can generate an API token in your Zendesk account as per the details mentioned here.

Once you have connected your Zendesk account successfully, you can head over to your Zendesk account to start sending tickets to Zeda.

Create requests in from Zendesk

In this case, if your support team receives a ticket in Zendesk and identifies that it contains a feature request, a product bug, or product feedback, they can update the ticket with the tag "zeda-feedback"

When this happens, a request will be automatically created in your workspace with the exact details and source = Zendesk.

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