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Integrate with Zendesk
Integrate with Zendesk

Submit your support tickets, including product feedback, feature requests, ideas, or bug reports, directly to your product team via

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Zendesk integration will enable your support and product teams to collaborate effectively by converting support tickets with product feedback, feature requests, ideas, or bug reports into requests on

How our integration helps

  1. Easily transfer support tickets from Zendesk to by simply tagging the ticket or setting up your custom triggers.

  2. Import all historical feedback from Zendesk to

Setting up workspace with Zendesk

  1. Navigate to Workspace Settings > Integrations > Zendesk

  2. Click on the connect button and fill in your Zendesk account details

Zendesk URL - This is the URL for your Zendesk account.

Email - Please provide email id of an admin user in your Zendesk account.

API token - You can generate an API token in your Zendesk account as per the details mentioned here.

And voila, your Zendesk setup is complete. Now you can head over to your Zendesk account to start sending tickets to

How to send tickets to

  1. Log in to your Zendesk account and select the ticket you want to transfer to

  2. Add the zeda-feedback tag to update the ticket.

Once you update the ticket with the tag, a feedback item will be created in, including a link back to the original ticket.

πŸ’‘ Note: This is the default trigger set up during the integration of Zendesk with To customize when tickets are to be sent to, please refer to the How to customize zendesk trigger section.

How to customize zendesk trigger

You can configure custom triggers to determine when tickets are sent to

  1. Go to Zendesk settings. Click on Go to Zendesk button.

  2. You can configure your own rules for the trigger under Conditions section

πŸ’‘ Note: The fields specified in the Action section are captured for each ticket. Please do not update these fields.

Import your historical data

We offer a one-time import feature that enables you to transfer any of your closed support tickets from up to the last 60 days into

  1. Go to Zendesk settings. Click on the Import button.

  2. Choose the number of days, up to a maximum of 60, for which you want to import historical data.

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