How to change Password?
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Have forgotten your password? Just follow these steps to easily get it recovered:

  1. On the Log In page, click on, 'Forgot Password'

  2. On the next screen, input the email address of the associated account and click on 'Resend Request Link'.

  3. You will receive a link to reset your password on the given email address.

  4. Check your email with the subject 'Change Password' for a mail from Don't forget to check the spam folder!

  5. Open the mail and click on the link for 'Reset your Password'.

  6. The link will redirect you to a page to set up a new password.

  7. Enter a new and unique password that satisfies all the given criteria. Make sure you input the same password while confirming.

  8. Click on 'Reset my Password' to finalize changing your password.

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