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Simplified SignUp Process
Simplified SignUp Process

Allow users of the same company to join their Zeda workspace easily if recognized from the same domain of the company.

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As an admin, to enable the Simplified sign-up process for your workspace, navigate to workspace settings and follow the below steps:

  1. Settings > Information > Enable the toggle “Teammate can automatically join as Collaborator”

  2. Add your organisation domain name in the "Organisation domain" input field.

  3. Clicking on "Save" will enable the Simplified sign-up process for the workspace.

Once the process is set up, post that whenever a user from the added "domain" signs up on the platform, they will get a list of available workspaces or create a new one. Selecting any of the available workspaces and proceeding will automatically add the user as a "Collaborator" in the workspace.

Note - A notification shall be sent to the in-app workspace users when a new user joins using the same domain.

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