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Before we get into the details, here are the main points to understand about how you'll be billed for any paid plan:

  1. Every workspace is billed separately. You can create multiple workspaces per account (i.e. email address you signed up with).
    ◦ Every workspace will have its own trial period. Once the trial ends, access to that workspace will be revoked until the paid subscription starts.
    ◦ If you have subscribed to a paid plan for multiple workspaces, you'll be billed based on how many editors (Admins & Creators) you have in each (on a Team or a Custom Plan).
    ◦ Even if the same people are in multiple workspaces, you'll be charged for them in each one.

    1. Your billing interval is also set per workspace. You could have one workspace billed annually and one billed monthly. Everyone (Admins or Creators) who joins your workspace will add an additional charge based on the interval of that workspace.

    2. We bill you upfront. You always pay for at the start of your billing interval. If you make changes in the middle of a billing interval, we'll prorate how much you're charged (or credited back), so that you only pay for what you actually used.

Note: Only workspace admins will be able to view and manage plans & billing.

See your plan details

To view the details of your plan and your billing information:

  • Navigate to Your workspace name > Plan & Billing.

    1. Click on the “Subscribe Now” button.

    2. Select the time cycle, add a number of seats review the amount, and click on Purchase subscription.

    3. Click on “Proceed To Checkout”

    4. Add your account details and payment details.

    5. Review your order and click on “Pay ${selected amount} & subscribe”

    6. Upon completion of payment, the workspace subscription will be activated.

    7. You'll automatically be charged each month or year on the same date you bought the plan.

Note: You're charged per member and also charged separately for each workspace on your plan. So if you have 2 workspaces with 5 people each, even if some belong to both workspaces, you'll still be charged for 10 members.

Update your payment method & billing information

  • Navigate to Settings > Plan & Billing.

    1. Click “Manage payment”.

    2. Click on the plan amount to view subscription details

    3. Click on “Account Information” to view or update the account details.

    4. Click on “Payment Methods” to view, update or add new payment methods.

    5. Click on “Billing History” to view all the invoices.

Note: For the Enterprise plan kindly schedule a call here.

Yearly vs. monthly billing intervals

You can choose whether to pay for monthly or yearly. This impacts both how much you pay and when you pay:

  • Yearly billing costs less.

    • If you choose to pay yearly, you pay upfront for the whole year, but only $83/month for the Pro Plan.

    • If you choose to pay monthly, the Pro Plan costs $99/month.

    1. Your plan renews automatically either once a month or once a year.

      • If you pay yearly, your plan will renew on the same calendar day you first purchased it for all following years.

      • If you pay monthly, the same is true for each following month.

      • For example, a yearly plan bought on August 19 will renew on August 19 the next year, and a monthly plan renews on September 19.

Get additional seats for account

  • Navigate to Settings > Plan & Billing.

  • Click “Update Subscription”, on the pop-up, you can increase or decrease the seats.

  • Click “Purchase Subscription”, upon successful transaction, the changes will be reflected, and for an increased number of seats, the invoice shall be raised on a Pro-rated basis, and for the decreased seats, the pro-rated amount will show as a credit balance which will get adjusted in the future billings.

Note: To cancel the subscription, kindly contact us at [email protected].

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