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Parking Lot of features in the roadmap
Parking Lot of features in the roadmap

Keep all your unplanned features list handy in a roadmap

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Roadmap creation is a difficult task and this task can be broken into two parts:

  1. Finding a list of all the features which you want to pick

  2. Prioritizing and planning the features which you have selected

To solve for 1, allows selecting the list of features basis filters while creation and keeps on adding any feature to any roadmap using roadmap or feature details. To know more, you can refer to the Basics of the roadmap article.

To solve for 2, roadmaps have a parking lot feature. Whenever a feature is added to a roadmap either while creation or post creation of a roadmap, if they do not have a start date or end date, then they are considered unplanned.

All the unplanned features are added to the parking lot list which can be accessed easily from the right side of the screen (Parking icon).

Any feature in the parking lot can be added to the roadmap directly by clicking on it and adding the start and end date. Once the dates are added the feature will automatically place itself in the roadmap according to the dates, group and sub-group.

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