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Add features to your roadmap
Add features to your roadmap

Know various ways to add features to an existing roadmap

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After successfully creating a roadmap, you can add more features to it later also.

As this is a platform we try to provide linking across the platform from feature to roadmap. There are two ways in which it can be done on the platform.

  1. For adding a new feature

    1. Click on any empty space on the roadmap, it will open a new feature creation side pane with details filled in as per the group by and sub-group by swimlane area.

    2. Click on the 'Create new feature' from the main CTA dropdown, it will open a new feature creation side pane with default fields filled in like importance.

  2. For adding an existing feature

  1. 'Add from dashboard' CTA, it will open the feature list popup similar to what was used for feature selection while creating a new roadmap

    1. Check feature details for the feature you want to add, from feature details, check the roadmaps that show the list of roadmaps with which the feature is linked. New roadmaps can be added to the list and the feature will be linked with the roadmaps.

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