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Learn how to create documents, link to features-products and share them with viewers outside your workspace.

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Documents is a module on the dashboard. Access it from the left sidebar navigation and start creating documents for your products, ideas and notes.

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Documents for product teams

Product documentation is a broad term that describes information for internal use for team members or external use for customers, and stakeholders.

Documents can range from high-level product strategy docs defining what and how the product aims to achieve, to even short one-pager kick-offs that help align team members on what the team is planning to work on before picking a project.

As a product manager, Documents will be your go-to space to pen down all your thoughts and ideas in a structured manner to help guide and align your team.

Make sure you know how to use this module to its full potential!

Create a new document

To start creating a document in your workspace, open up the 'Documents' module from the left sidebar navigation - like this:

  1. Click on the 'Create document' CTA in the top right corner of the dashboard.

  2. In the modal that opens up, you will find various options to create a document:

    1. Blank document

    2. Import from different sources like Notion, Google Docs, Confluence etc

    3. Choose a Template

  3. Select the type of document creation that matches your needs and proceed.

Blank document

A blank document is an open canvas for you to start working from scratch on whatever ideas you have in your mind around the product, feature or just analysis based on research.

Import from different sources

You may already have set up your documentation in some other tool and may be looking to migrate to We've got you there!

Currently we are supporting these tools:

To learn how to import documents from these sources, check out this article.

Choose a Template

Your workspace comes in pre-loaded with templates for different use cases like

  • One-pager for kick-offs

  • PRD template

  • GTM plan

  • Product Strategy



Map features to a document

When working on your product documentation, you might want to map the document with existing features in the workspace or create new features directly from the document. This can allow you to keep features and document mapping across the platform consistent and provide complete context to the other team members.

This will help you keep track of what tasks you will be working on as part of the current document's scope.

Map existing features with a document

  1. Open the document you want to align features with.

  2. Within the document, locate the 'Align to Feature' icon, as shown in the video.

  3. It will open a side tray of 'Aligned features' to that document. Click on the 'Align to feature' CTA.

  4. A popup will show a list of all the features within the workspace.

  5. Select the features you want to align and click on 'Add feature'.

  6. The selected features will be displayed in the 'Aligned features' list.


Create new features from the document's text

Based on the content of the document, you may want to create a feature directly from that document. To do this:

  1. Select the content out of which you want to create a feature. A toolbar will appear near the selected content.

  2. Click on the 'Create feature' button.

  3. A side tray for feature creation will open up, with the selected content as part of the description for that feature.

  4. Add the required details and click on the 'Create feature' CTA.

  5. This creates a new feature in the workspace and is automatically aligned to the document from which it was created.

  6. The created feature will be displayed in the 'Aligned features' list.

Map a product to a document

When working on a document you may want to link it to the product it is related to. You can do this by the following steps:

  1. Open the document you may want to link to a product.

  2. Within the document, click on 'Add Product' icon for linking the product , as shown in the video.

  3. It will open a side tray for 'Add products' for that document. From the dropdown, choose the product you want to link. You can map one document with one product only.

  4. Click on 'Link a product' CTA and the document will be linked to that product.

Note: You can also do this from the list view of the documents dashboard, by clicking on the dropdown from the Product field.


Share documents outside the workspace

Once you have finished working on a document, you may want to share it with stakeholders. Your stakeholders might be people outside the Zeda workspace as well. To share the document outside the workspace:

  1. Open the document you may want to share.

  2. Click on the 'Share' CTA within the document.

  3. On the pop-up that comes up, activate the toggle for the public link. By default, it will be switched OFF.

  4. Once it is switched ON, you will be able to access the public sharing link for this document. Click on 'Copy' to copy it to your clipboard.

  5. Share this link with your stakeholders through your preferred medium.

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