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Managing requests from Feedback
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Once a request lands in the Feedback section, it will be available for Admins, Creators and Collaborators to take a view or work on. Admins and Creators will be able to take action on requests to prioritise and work on.

Adding or editing details of the request

In a request on the request details form you can edit:

  • Description: Click on the description to start editing it

  • Link to feature: Link the request to a feature. Check out the dedicated help document on linking requests to a product here.

  • Customers: Add customers who have similar requests, or remove existing ones

  • Type: Change the type of request

  • Status: Change the status of the request as you keep working on it

  • Assignee: Assign the request to a member in the workspace so they are responsible for the work on it

  • Tags: Add tags to better categorise requests

  • Comment: Comment to clarify or communicate issues with request posters

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