Managing requests from Feedback
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Once a request lands in the Feedback section, it will be available for Admins, Creators and Collaborators to take a view or work on. Admins and Creators will be able to take action on requests to prioritise and work on.

Adding or editing details of the request

In a request on the request details form you can edit:

  • Description: Click on the description to start editing it

  • Link to the product: Link the request to a product. Check out the dedicated help document on linking requests to a product here.

  • Link to feature: Link the request to a feature. Check out the dedicated help document on linking requests to a product here.

  • Customers: Add customers who have similar requests, or remove existing ones

  • Type: Change the type of request

  • Status: Change the status of the request as you keep working on it

  • Assignee: Assign the request to a member in the workspace so they are responsible for the work on it

  • Label: Add labels to better categorise requests

  • Comment: Comment to clarify or communicate issues with request posters

Prioritising requests in Feedback

Deciding what to pick next from your Feedback is always an important task in any organisation. Make better-informed decisions by prioritising requests using pre-defined frameworks.

  1. Head over to Feedback settings from Workspace settings → Modules → Feedback, or by directly clicking on the settings icon on the feedback screen

  2. Go to the ‘Prioritisation’ section on Feedback

  3. Here choose an existing prioritisation framework or create a new one

  4. Once you have chosen a framework of your choice, head back to the feedback module

  5. Open a request and switch to the ‘Prioritisation’ tab

  6. You will see the selected framework’s name here and the fields under it

  7. Enter the appropriate values for every field in the framework and the score will be automatically calculated

  8. Repeat the process for all the requests you may want to prioritise

  9. On the list view of requests, sort by ‘Score’ to find the requests you should start working on

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