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How to submit a request in Feedback Module?
How to submit a request in Feedback Module?
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The feedback Module is a place to collect all your requests from multiple sources into one place. Internal teams (CSM, Sales, Support, Product, Marketing, Executive, Engineering, Designers, etc.) can use this space to give feature requests, feedback, discuss, plan, decide, collaborate, and view the request update in a company.

Submitting a request in Feedback Module

  1. Head over to Feedback module on the dashboard of your workspace

  2. On the top left, click on the ‘Add request’ button and a request form will open up

  3. Fill up this request form with all the relevant details

    1. Title: Title of your request

    2. Description: Detailed description of the request

    3. Customers: The customers that have requested this

    4. Type: The type of request this is. eg. Feature request, feedback, bug

    5. Attachment: Any file that you may feel will add value and give a further description to the request

  4. Once you are done adding details to the request, click on ‘submit’, to submit the request.

  5. Once submitted this will be visible on the feedback module for further action

Note: Requests added directly from the feedback module are not visible by default to external users on the customer portal or in-app widget.

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